9 Easy Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair That Looks Fascinating


9 Easy Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair That Looks Fascinating – Marriage is a very happy moment felt by a family and the couple who will get married. Not only the bride and groom who should look beautiful and attractive when the wedding takes place, you are acting as a bridesmaid also need to look beautiful and attractive.

On this occasion we will try to explain about 9 bridesmaid hairstyles for long. What are the hairstyles that can be used? Here’s the explanation for you.

bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair1.Wavy Hair on the Bottom

This hair style combines straight hair and wavy hair into one. You will use a straight hair style at the top and use a wavy hairstyle at the bottom of your hair. The interesting thing is you also need to use a hair braid made horizontally in the middle.

You can ask the help of professional hairdressers to help you get the desired hairstyle.

2.Relting Hair to Look Good

If you do not like to decipher hair at the wedding, then you can use this hairstyle to use. Hairstyles like this will make the look of women look more fresh and interesting.

If you have black hair, then you can dye your hair using a brown color like the example above. This will further enhance your appearance as a bridesmaid at the wedding.

3.Blond hair that looks dazzling

Long and bumpy hair can make you look more graceful as a bridesmaid. The important thing to note is make sure you set the long hair well.

If necessary you can ask for help with a professional hairdresser so that you can look attractive as easily as the example above.

Are you interested in using the hairstyle above?

4.Black Unicorned Hair

Not only blond hair alone, because the hair with black color can easily look elegant and charming. The above example provides that black hairstyle can easily look elegant.The thing to do is pull your hair back and tie it up like the example above. Next you can let some long hair unravel naturally.

Do not forget to use earrings that are white or silver to give the impression of elegance at the wedding. Use make up is simple and not excessive when you use this hairstyle.

5.Very Lively and Straight Hair

This hairstyle is almost the same as the hairstyle we’ve described before. The difference is that the hair is straight and not wavy.

You can also use braids on the back of the hair to make your appearance more attractive and beautiful.

The last thing to do is to use simple and non-redundant accessories. Flowers can be very attractive and beautiful accessories for use by bridesmaids.

Shown gracefully is easy!

6.Look Like A Queen at a Wedding Party

Simple hairstyle, but it can make you look like a queen. The thing that you need to do is to decipher the hair naturally like the example above. Do not forget to make your hair look wavy to make your appearance more graceful.

Put simple accessories that will further enhance your look!

The main factor to note is the use of makeup. Choose a make up artist that has the best ability so you can get optimal results.

7.Looks Messy, But Keeps Attracting

You can still look attractive despite using a hair style that looks messy. The above example provides evidence that messy hairstyle can still be used at the wedding.

Ask your hairstylist to make the hair style look messy. Make some waves when you use this hairstyle.

Very interesting to apply?

8.Combine Black and Brown Color As Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have black hair and want to look elegant and attractive as a bridesmaid, then you can use this one hairstyle.

The thing that needs to be done is to paint the hair into brown like the example above. Do not paint all parts of your hair, because you only need to paint some hair. Furthermore, you can ask the hairdresser to give a wave effect on the hair to make it look more attractive.

You just have to let the hair unravel naturally!

9.Simple Accessories on Wedding Day

Never use excessive accessories when you become a bridesmaid at weddings. Excessive accessories can make your appearance look weird and messy. Instead, choose the simple accessories like the example above to use.

The thing you need to do is tie your hair to look more tidy like the example above. Furthermore, you can put fresh flowers as an attractive accessories.

Are you interested in using one of the ideas above?

Shown beautiful as a bridesmaid is not difficult to do, 9 hairstyle that we convey above can make you look very attractive at the wedding. You can choose the hairstyle that you think is most interesting to use. Or you can also consult with the hairstylist to choose the hair style that best suits the type of hair and face shape.

It is no less important is to never use excessive accessories at the wedding. Excessive accessories will make your appearance look messy and uncluttered.

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