Face Shape Will Determine a Good Men Haircut, Let’s Do This Tips!


Face Shape Will Determine a Good Men Haircut, Let’s Do This Tips! – Many people feel confused when will determine the type of haircut that best suits their desire. They feel unsure when choosing one type of haircut. One of the keys to getting the best haircut is determined by shape of each person’s face. By knowing the shape of your face you, then you can easily get most suitable type of haircut.

In this explanation we will explain some tips for determining haircuts based on your face shape.

How To Know Your Face Shape

The best way to determine the shape of your face is by measuring it. Use the gauge to measure the width of the jaw, the width of the forehead, and the length of one cheekbone to the other cheekbone. Next, take the average size of the width of your face. Don’t forget to measure the length of your face from hairline to the chin.

If the face length is almost equal to the average width, then you have a rounded face shape. If the length is 1.5 times longer than the average width, it means you have an oval face. If the length is more than 1.5 times the average width, it means you have a long face shape.

Furthermore, if the average length and width are almost same, then you have a square face shape. The square face is usually characterized by a wider jaw shape. However, if you have a wider cheek section, it means you have a diamond face shape. If you have a pointy chin with wide jaws, it means you have a triangular face shape.

Haircuts that fit Your face shape

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1. Haircut For Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape, you can actually use almost any type of hairstyle. This is of course a advantage for you who have an oval face shape. You should avoid hair with long edges, because this will make your face look more rounded. We recommend using a shorter edge with longer tops. This way will make your face look longer.

2.Haircut For Oval or Long Faces

Having an oval face lets you have lots of hair styles that can be used. Things to avoid is don’t make the side of your hair look short, because this can make the face look longer. We recommend using a haircut that has a longer side and top.

3.Square Faces

The shape of a square face is considered an ideal facial shape for men. The square face can make your appearance look more masculine. You can use current hairstyles like undercut or fades.

Notice the Type and Texture of Your Hair

The type and texture of hair will determine the exact type of haircut to use. Another thing to note is that not all hair types are suitable for hair dryers, hair straighteners, and hair care products. There are types of hair types that are appropriate for using certain hairstyles and there are also hair types that are not suitable for using hairstyles. Pay close attention to what kind of hair you have today.

This type of thick and wavy hair is perfect for using any type of hairstyle. It’s just this type of hairstyle is quite difficult to apply Slickback hairstyle.

Next type of curly hair is very suitable to apply Undercut hair style. While the owner of rough and straight hair is very difficult to set up following a particular hairstyle. So, you who have straight and coarse hair can follow the natural pattern of hair.

While the type of straight and thin hair is perfect for applying a classic hairstyle. Slickback hair style can be one hairstyle that you can apply.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the type of hair you have before determining the hairstyle to be used. Don’t use a hairstyle that doesn’t match the type of hair that you have. You can consult with a barber to determine what type of hairstyle that best fits with your hair type.

Activity and Your Job Will Determine Appropriate Hairstyles

In addition to face shape and hair type, you can also choose the hair style that best suits your activities and work. If you are a leader in a company or have a certain position in a company, you should choose a stylish hairstyle and look classic. This type of hairstyle will give a professional impression to anyone who sees you. Don’t use messy hairstyle and look unkempt, as this can lower your credibility level as a leader.

Thus the best tips and steps you can take to determine the best type of hairstyle. You can consider the face shape, hair type, and activities you do when it will determine the right hairstyle.

By applying above steps, we hope you can get the hairstyle that best suits to you. Never use a hairstyle that doesn’t suit with you, as this can make your appeal decrease.

We hope the information that we have given above can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If you have any further questions related to that topics, please ask us through comments field below.

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