It’s Classic and Looks Good! 6 Black Men Hairstyles For You


It’s Classic and Looks Good! 6 Black Men Hairstyles For You  – Having a unique hairstyle can make your appearance more attractive. The problem is not all hairstyles are suitable for everyone’s use. The suitability of the hairstyle is strongly influenced by the shape of face, skin color, and the type of hair you have.

In this explanation, we will explain about 5 hairstyles that can be used by black men.

Here’s a further explanation

1.The Flat Top

When using this style, your hair will be thick at the top and short on the side of your head. The type of curly hair that many black men have is perfect for using this hairstyle. When going to use The Flat Top hairstyle, you must make sure it has very curly hair. Make sure you also have a hard hair type so this hairstyle can be applied optimally. Tips when going to use this style is to have a hairspray to maintain your hair style.

2.The Shape-Up

This hairstyle is perfect for you who want to show a serious impression, but still relaxed. The Shape-Up has a short haircut and makes it easier to treat everyday. Tips when going to use this style is to make sure you have oil to maintain the condition of your hair remain moist and healthy.

3.Natural Texture / Afro

This haircut will create a natural impression and maintain the texture of your hair. You who have curly hair is perfect for using Natural Texture hairstyles. In order for the results to be optimal, you must have curly and long hair. So you can more easily form a Natural Texture hairstyle.

Don’t forget to use moisturizing oil to make hair healthier and shine. The moisturizing oil you use is beneficial to make it look more natural.


This hairstyle can make your appearance look more striking. In general, this hairstyle is created by creating a regular braid. We would rather advise you to find a person who is really capable of making Cornrows hairstyles. If you ask people who don’t understand how to do it, the results will be obtained can not be optimal.

Cornrows hair style is very easy to look messy. The solution is you can use hair wax to make it look more durable and neat. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the health of scalp while using this hairstyle. Apply oil to all parts of your hair to prevent dry skin and dandruff.

5.The Short Afro With Fade

This hairstyle is almost same as Afro hair style, the difference is a shorter and thinner haircut on the side. This hairstyle can easily create a classic and modern impression simultaneously.

6.The Hard Parting

Create a modern and neat impression simultaneously by using The Hard Parting hairstyle. This hairstyle you can use when going to work or come to a formal event that requires a neat suit.

Talk with barber to get a haircut that suits for you. Make sure your face and hair type in accordance with a chosen hairstyle. You can use oil to be applied to the entire surface of your hair to make it healthier and tidier.

Hair style variations for black men are quite limited and not all are suitable to apply. This is because the hair style is determined by the type of hair, face, and your skin color. Black male hair tends to be dry and rough, so the 6 hairstyles on top that we think are suitable to use.

You can choose the type of hairstyle that best suits to your personality and type of activity that is often done. If you are a worker who must be presentable every day, then we recommend you to use The Short Afro With Fade hair style or The Shape-Up.

If you want to create a relaxed and modern impression, you can use hairstyle The Hard Parting and Afro. This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who work in the creative industry and often meet with many people.

Or for those of you who want to create a free impression, you can use Cornrows and Flat Top hairstyles that look unique.

Don’t forget!

Whatever hairstyle you choose, you should take care and keep it looking healthy and clean. Use shampoo 1 -2 times a week and not too often. Too frequent shampooing can make your hair dry.

Also apply coconut oil or almond oil to maintain healthy scalp and prevent it from dandruff. The last thing that should not be forgotten is to use hair oil to maintain the hairstyle.

That’s 6 hairstyles that are suitable for use by black men. Although it looks classic, the 6 hairstyles above are still suitable for use.

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